VITO can offer expertise in animal-free methods for inhalation testing. VITO has an Air-Liquid Interface (ALI) platform with three ALI exposure modules: two commercial systems for bronchial studies and one in-house developed system for lower airway studies. At VITO ALI exposure modules, aerosol

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Organisation: VITO
Partners: VITO
Status: History of use, Internally validated, Published in peer reviewed journal

This work will be based on data describing the rat hindlimb kinematics obtained by X-Ray Reconstruction of Moving Morphology (XROMM) and ground reaction forces following destabilization of the medial meniscus (DMM) and running. These data will be analyzed with multi-body dynamics to estimate the

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Contact: Judith Piet
Organisation: KU Leuven
Status: Still in development

Cells are treated with compounds and after a specific incubation time the MTT reagent is added. In living cells, the MTT is reduced to the purple formazan. The amount of formazan is related to the amount of living cells. Next, the medium and MTT reagent are aspirated and DMSO is added after which

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Contact: Yorick Janssens
Organisation: Ghent University
Status: Published in peer reviewed journal

Transport kinetics accross the skin and/or mucosa is investigated using Franz diffusion cells and LC-UV/MS detection of the investigated molecule in the receptor compartment.

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Contact: Yorick Janssens
Organisation: Ghent University
Status: Internally validated, Published in peer reviewed journal

This method evaluates sprouting propensity of endothelial cells in a collagen matrix. The effect of pro-angiogenic growth factors or co-cultured cells can be measured by quantifying the amount of vascular sprouts that form on endothelial spheroids. Endothelial spheroids are obtained by growing

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Organisation: Ghent University
Status: Internally validated

The Koken rat is a dummy rat that is developed to train animal procedures, such as handling, blood sampling and intubation.

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Contact: Cannot be disclosed
Organisation: Cannot be disclosed

A compound of interest (e.g. new psychoactive substance, endocrine disrupting compound, ...) is incubated with human liver microsomes and liver cytosolic fractions to generate both Phase I and II metabolites. Samples are prepared for analysis using a simple method in order to avoid possible

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Organisation: University of Antwerp
Status: Published in peer reviewed journal

Three-dimensional (3D) lung epithelial cell models mimic key aspects of the parental tissue, including apical-basolateral polarity and barrier function (Barrila et al. 2010, PMID: 20948552). These 3D cultures are generated using the rotating wall vessel (RWV) bioreactor system, allowing host

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Contact: Aurélie Crabbé
Organisation: Ghent University
Status: Published in peer reviewed journal

HR MAS analysis of intact tissues consists in the metabolic profiling of entire tumor biopsies using high resolution NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) using 1H and/or 13C MRS (magnetic resonance spectroscopy). The technique allows combination of metabolomic data with genomic or proteomic data, and

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Organisation: UCLouvain
Status: History of use, Published in peer reviewed journal