New, optimized version of the RE-Place online tool

Posted on: 26/05/2022

The RE-Place online tool was initially developed in 2018 to collect specific information on the NAMs that are currently used in Belgium. Recently, the Flemish and Brussels government decided to join forces in the continuation of the RE-Place project, therefore an optimized version of the online tool was launched. This was communicated in a press release of the ministers of Animal Welfare Ben Weyts (Flanders) and Bernard Clerfayt (Brussels) on the 16th of January where they also actively call the Belgian scientific community for their collaboration.

With the new optimized version of the online tool, it is now possible to create (research) Groups and link your expertise with a particular (research) Group. How does this work?

‘Groups’ are based on a role-based system. This means there are two types of people in a Group: Administrators and Members. Administrators can invite people to become a member of the ‘Group’, change the role of these members, invite or delete members, and more importantly, they have full control on the methods that are submitted within that particular ‘Group’. Administrators are notified when members submit a method to the RE-Place database, and they have the opportunity to review, modify and approve the content before it is included in the RE-Place database.

You can access the function ‘My Groups’ via your account on the top right corner of your screen. You can look for existing Groups via the ‘Join Group’ function or create a new Group via the corresponding text field. You can simply type the full name of your research group and it will be automatically created!

For organisations who would like to have an even better overview on their in-house expertise, it is now also possible to have a dedicated contact person within your institute who will be able to follow-up on the creation of new accounts, groups and methods linked with your organisation. For more information about this feature, you can contact the RE-Place team!

At present, we have gathered over 170 methods from different research fields and organisations in Belgium. Watch our brand-new promotional video and submit your expertise now!

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Read the full press releases from the cabinets: