Apply now for the EPAA 3Rs Science Prize

Posted on: 10/04/2021

Every two years the European partnership for alternative approaches to animal testing (EPAA) grants a prize of €10,000 to a scientist whose work remarkably contributed to the development, validation and acceptance of 3R alternatives to animal testing. With this prize EPAA aims to promote progress in the field of 3Rs, and encourage scientists to focus their research on the 3Rs goals. The prize will be granted to the institution of the winner which will be announced at the annual EPAA conference on the 10th of November 2020. During this conference, the winner will also have the opportunity to present his/her work to regulators, industry stakeholders, academia and civil society.

To be eligible for the prize, applicants must:

  • Be scientists from industry or academia based in Europe,
  • Work on relevant methods for regulatory testing (e.g. safety, efficacy, batch testing),
  • Have up to 10 years of postgraduate experience (i.e. after obtaining their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree).

Applicants should submit a written case study based on actual research (not older than 5 years and not a project on future research) where their role and involvement are shown. A selection board (composed of EPAA members and representatives of the EPAA mirror group) will then evaluate the submissions and provide their input to the EPAA steering committee, based on the following criteria (criteria 1 and 3 will be double-weighted):

  1. Impact on the 3Rs (reduction, refinement, replacement of animal uses) ;
  2. Innovation/contribution to meeting an urgent, yet unmet scientific need ;
  3. Possible applicability of the method/approach for regulatory testing (including for safety or potency) ;
  4. Impact on predictive safety science (better data/science is obtained thanks to the work of the applicant compared to the current animal method) ;
  5. Work potentially applicable widely (e.g. to other methods and endpoints and across sectors) ;
  6. International recognition (already published work, number of publications, rankings in peer-reviewed journals etc.).

The deadline for submissions is October 5th at 12PM (Brussels time).

Learn more about the application procedure here.

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