Call for expertise on the use of NAMs in the Flemish and Brussels regions

Posted on: 19/09/2020

The ‘RE-Place’ project was launched in order to obtain an extensive overview of the available knowledge on the use of “New Approach Methodologies (NAMs)”. Currently, we are collecting information on the NAMs that are being used in the different (research) institutes. Therefore, we are visiting organisations within the Flemish and Brussels regions to present the RE-Place project, and provide personal support to complete the online tool. If you are interested to organise a small seminar, or if you would like to have more information, you can contact Mieke Van Mulders or Nancy Liodo Missigba.


What are examples of the NAMs we are collecting ?

  • in vitro - ex vivo methods (e.g. NRU Phototoxicity Test, AMES test, BCOP test …) ;
  • in silico methods (e.g. molecular modeling approaches, PBPK models, QSAR, read across …) ;
  • in chemico assays (e.g. Direct Peptide Reactivity Assay, Amino Acid Derivative Reactivity Assay …) ;
  • alternative in vivo models (e.g. using C. elegans, Drosophila…) ;
  • imaging techniques (e.g. cellular imaging or techniques that have a clear application with the replacement of animals) ;
  • and other innovative techniques such as the use of omics, organon-a-chip ...


Why should you submit your expertise ?

  • To increase the visibility of your work to the government, scientists and the public ;
  • To connect with peers and colleagues ;
  • To be identified as an expert and have the opportunity to be directly contacted for new collaborations ;
  • To contribute to the identification of knowledge gaps, which will help to better allocate future funding ;
  • To contribute to good science and progress in the field of animal free innovation.


Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

Submit your expertise on the use of NAMs