Isolation and cultivation of bone marrow-derived macrophages

Commonly used acronym: BMDM

Scope of the method

The Method relates to
  • Animal health
The Method is situated in
  • Basic Research
Type of method
  • In vitro - Ex vivo
This method makes use of
  • Animal derived cells / tissues / organs
Species from which cells/tissues/organs are derived
Type of cells/tissues/organs
Bone marrow-derived macrophages


Method keywords
  • macrophages
  • bone marrow
  • isolation
  • macrophage polarization
Scientific area keywords
  • Immunology
  • immunomodulation
  • Immunometabolism
  • macrophage polarization
Method description

Mononuclear cells are flushed from the bone marrow using a 25G needle. After centrifugation, the cells are resuspended in 50mL pre-heated DMEM containing 20ng/ml M-CSF. The cells are cultured in 10cm petri dishes for 7 days. At days 2,4 and 6, the medium is renewed after washing away non-adherent cells. On day 7, add 3mL enzyme-free dissociation buffer and suspend cells using a cell scraper. Transfer cells to a 15mL tube, centrifuge, count and seed for experiments.

Lab equipment
  • Flow cabinet ; 
  • Incubator ;
  • Centrifuge.
Method status
  • Published in peer reviewed journal

Pros, cons & Future potential

  • Easy to use ; 
  • Reproducible.
Future & Other applications

Depending on the growth factors in the medium, different cell types can be cultured.

References, associated documents and other information


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Ghent University (UGent)
Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
Flemish Region


Ghent University hospital (UZ Gent)