Hepatic differentiation of rat liver epithelial cells

Commonly used acronym: rLEC-Hep

Scope of the method

The Method relates to
  • Human health
The Method is situated in
  • Basic Research
Type of method
  • In vitro - Ex vivo
This method makes use of
  • Animal derived cells / tissues / organs
Species from which cells/tissues/organs are derived
Rattus norvegicus
Type of cells/tissues/organs
rat liver epithelial cells


Method keywords
  • liver
  • epithelial cells
  • Hepatocytes
  • cellular differentiation
Scientific area keywords
  • liver research
  • cellular differentiation
Method description

Rat liver epithelial cells are cultivated at 100% confluency on 100 µg/mL rat tail collagen type I coated culture dishes in base medium and sequentially exposed to hepatogenic growth factors and cytokines. Base medium consisted of William’s E medium without glutamine supplemented with 7.33 IE/mL benzyl penicillin, 50 µg/mL streptomycin sulphate, 1 mg/mL linoleic-acid bovine serum albumin, 0.1 mM L-ascorbic acid, 0.03 mM nicotinamide, 0.25 mM sodium pyruvate and 1.623 mM L-glutamine. The hepatic differentiation procedure is as follows: days 0–2: base medium + 2% (v/v) FBS + 20 ng/mL HGF; days 3–5: base medium + 30 ng/mL HGF + 0.5% (v/v) ITS; day 6–8: base medium + 30 ng/mL HGF + 0.25 % ITS + 20 µg/L dex; days 9–11: base medium + 20 ng/mL HGF + 20 µg/L dex; days 12–14: base medium + 10 ng/mL HGF + 20 µg/L dex + 10 ng/mL OSM and from day 15 onwards: base medium + 20 µg/L dex + 10 ng/mL OSM. Cell cultures are incubated at 33 °C in a 5 % CO2 humidified atmosphere. Media were completely changed every three days, unless otherwise defined.

Method status
  • History of use
  • Internally validated
  • Published in peer reviewed journal

Pros, cons & Future potential


Homogenous population of rat hepatocyte-like cells with biotransformation capacity comparable to primary rat hepatocytes.

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De Kock J, Snykers S, Branson S, Jagtap S, Gaspar JA, Sachinidis A, Vanhaecke T, Rogiers V. (2012) A liver-derived rat epithelial cell line from biliary origin acquires hepatic functions upon sequential exposure to hepatogenic growth factors and cytokines. Curr Med Chem. 19(26):4523-33

Contact person

Joery De Kock


Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)
Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences
In Vitro Toxicology and Dermato-Cosmetology
Brussels Region