Cold Atmospheric Plasma on mouse intestinal epithelial organoids

Commonly used acronym: CAP on mouse intestinal organoids

Scope of the method

The Method relates to
  • Animal health
The Method is situated in
  • Basic Research
Type of method
  • In vitro - Ex vivo
This method makes use of
  • Animal derived cells / tissues / organs
Species from which cells/tissues/organs are derived
Type of cells/tissues/organs
Intestinal stem cells


Method keywords
  • Cold atmospheric plasma
  • gut organoids
  • cytotoxicity
  • apoptosis
  • reactive oxygen species
  • transcriptomics
  • epithelium
Scientific area keywords
  • Gastro-enterology
Method description

Using the ex vivo culture system, we investigated the impact of an endoscopic helium plasma jet application on mouse ISCs at the morphological, cellular and transcriptomic levels. Moreover, we explored the potential selectivity of CAP application on tumor versus normal organoids originating from the same genetic background.

Method status
  • Published in peer reviewed journal

References, associated documents and other information


Cell Death Discovery (2022) 8:66 ;

Associated documents
Cold Atmospheric plasma on organoids Hadefi et al 2022.pdf
Other remarks

Collaborators for the published method: 

  • - Department of Gastroenterology, Hepatopancreatology and Digestive Oncology, Laboratory of Experimental Gastroenterology, C.U.B. Hôpital Erasme, Brussels, Belgium.
  • - Bio-, Electro- and Mechanical- System (BEAMS), Biomed Group, Ecole polytechnique de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium.
  • - Chemistry of Surfaces, Interfaces, and Nanomaterials, ChemSIN cp 255, Faculty of Sciences, Université libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium.

Contact person

Marie-Isabelle Garcia


Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)